March – In Summary

I’m a month and a half into my three month internship now, where I’m learning a lot of varied stuff each day. I’ve been lucky enough to work on some important features for the application my team are working on, which I’ve done primarily with HTML, CSS, Python and JavaScript.

I’ve become much more confident with git, where I can rebase my code almost without a hitch. I had been told to fear rebasing due to the risk of using it, but now it’s not a scary thing at all.

I’m also slowly improving my JavaScript and jQuery abilities. I really like JavaScript as a language and am interested in the many frameworks that are out there.

I’m better at writing simple tests in both Python and JavaScript. I’m still writing them after the fact though and hope to practice Test Driven Development more.

By the end of April I’d like to have made a start on a fully accessible lightbox. Some exist but are either outdated, don’t have good documentation or don’t have an accompanying tutorial. Hopefully I can fulfil all three of those needs for myself and pass the code and knowledge on to others.


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