February – In Summary


Despite being the shortest month of the year, so many wonderful and varied things have happened. Although I haven’t built any one standalone thing, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a multitude of things, build up some skills and learn some new ones.

The biggest news is that I’ve started an internship. I’m working as a junior developer with a really lovely team currently stationed within M&S. I had the opportunity to shadow them for two weeks last year and they asked me to come back and join them for ~3 months.

I’ve only been there for two weeks so far so I haven’t written too much code but I am already learning more about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A lot of the teams work involves Python too, so I am looking forward to working with that language more. As well as programming skills, I am also learning a lot about working in an Agile team and working as part of a team in general. The people I get to work with are great and experienced in all sorts of things I hope they will teach me. I’m really greatful for the opportunity.

Before I started my internship I got approached by another team asking for my help on a project. Unfortunately I can’t share what it is right now but I’m learning a totally new set of skills and I’m really excited to see the outcome. I should be able to share what I’ve been doing in a few months.

Books I Read
JavaScript for Kids
Python Testing with unittest, nose, pytest

March Plans

The overall plan is just to keep doing well in my internship, learning new things and reading what I can. I’m enjoying doing a 9-5 and working somewhere that’s not at my desk in my house. I’d like to work on my testing skills by finishing JavaScript Testing Recipes, and will be attending a workshop on Test Driven Development that takes place in a couple of weeks.


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