One month on

A picture of me with my laptop.
Photo by Michal Stefanow, edited by myself

It’s been a month since I wrote “I’m gonna be a developer“, marking one month since I started my journey with the web. A lot has happened since then despite only being a few weeks ago.

For the first couple of weeks I worked through the courses at Treehouse. There are a great bunch of videos and hands on coding in their courses. They’re worth the monthly fee, but if you want to get a free month and help me pay for mine in the process, you can sign up with my referral code.

Although the courses are great, they don’t beat real life experience so I started a couple of projects. They’re both in their early stages and they’re nothing special but it’s been fun writing real code for real things.

I’ve had the freedom to explore. I’ve gotten better with my HTML, I’ve played around with Sass and Node and am having a fun with all the new things. Last night I tried my hand at some hardware hacking on the Arduino with johnny-five.

The not-so-great

I’ve not come as far as I had hoped. There are a lot of half-finished things sitting on my GitHub and written down on post it notes. I’m not letting it get me too much down as I’m sure we can all be victims of trying to do too much too soon and pushing ourselves too hard in doing so.

I have definitely had days where I don’t push myself hard enough and days where I push myself far too hard. I had to take a week out due to some emergency surgery and spent the time trying to work when I was still under the effects of anaesthesia. On the other hand, when I’ve had no plans I’ve felt unable to get up and do things.

Distraction is also a problem. I sometimes find it hard to focus on one project or one bit of code and find myself jumping around a lot. Although it’s exciting to work on different things and learn new things, it can mean losing my place and being unable to focus. It happens, but I still have a long way to go in learning to manage myself and my time well.

The better

Since sharing my new career path with friends and family I’ve had nothing but support. A friend has given me an opportunity to shadow their team and another gave me a ticket to a conference where I will attend my first web event as a developer.

I’d like to thank all the people who listened to me and answered all my relentless questions on Twitter. I started a git repository where I pose questions and it’s received a great response. A lot of the questions are broad so I hope it is useful to others.

As for what’s next? Keep on learning.


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